Keeping Bugs Off Standard SwingSets in Atlanta

When someone has one of the Standard SwingSets in Atlanta in their yard, they will want to take the time to keep spiders and other insects off of them so their children can use them without worry. There are several ways one can care for a swing set so insects are not as attracted to using them as a resting area.

It is important to keep grass cut at a low level so children are not prone to getting bit by insects while playing on the equipment. If someone wishes to keep insects off of the lawn, they may consider watering it with a vinegar and water solution to deter insects from the area. This will keep the swing set situated in an area free of pesticides. This type of solution is also safe for the soil.

Having a light source away from the swing set is best. If a yard light is turned on, insects will congregate around it during night-time hours, helping to keep them away from the swing set as a result. Lighting will also attract spiders as they know insects will also be nearby. Because of this, the insect population will be decreased as a whole, making the swing set a great spot to play without webs or stinging insects in the area.

Wiping down the swing set with a vinegar solution is also recommended. Spray the swing set with a garden hose to remove any debris and follow-up by applying the solution directly to the structure with a non-abrasive sponge. Afterward, rinse once again with a hose and allow to air dry. Doing this weekly will help eliminate insects from the area. Placing the swing set in a spot in direct sunlight can also be beneficial as insects are less likely to stay in this type of environment.

If someone is interested in having one of the Standard SwingSets in Atlanta placed in their own yard, they will want to take preparatory steps in keep bugs away. Ask a service like website for more tips on where to place a swing set or to schedule a delivery and installation of a new swing set if desired.

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