Keeping the Planet Healthy with Environmental Services in Oklahoma

Several billion years ago out of the surrounding cosmic debris a larger asteroid started to drag others to it. Within the next billion years these few asteroids and dust had coalesced into what we now call Earth. Over the next four billion years the planet saw the rise of complicated lifeforms, mass extinction events, and today we have seen the rise of human civilization. To power our rise to the top of the food chain, we used the decayed corpse of our predecessors, more commonly known as oil.

Oil is a hydrocarbon which means that it explodes well, which is fortunate as the combustible properties are what set off the first industrial revolution. However, hydrocarbons also have a bad effect. They are quite famous as greenhouse gasses that are harmful to our planet. Greenhouse gasses aren’t technically bad for the atmosphere, in fact, without them Earth would still be a desolate ice cube in space. It is when too many gasses collect and form a blanket around the earth that makes the average global temperature increase. However, there are even more ways that oil can be harmful to the environment. When released directly into the environment while still in the form of crude oil or used oil it can be devastating in numerous ways. Oil spills are infamous for destroying the environment and local economies around the spill. Environmental Services in Oklahoma are there to help clean up after a spill. They will also help recycle used oil, manage oil storage, disposal of waste discharge, and save lives by rescuing people that may be caught in a facility during a malfunction.

The Earth is ancient. It has been here for billions of years and will be here for billions more. Even if humanity doesn’t succeed to stop the catastrophic global warming and starts the final mass extinction event, the Earth will still be here. But if we all want human civilization to survive the test of time then we all have to put for the effort to make the world a better and cleaner place to live. If you see an oil leak, used oil being managed incorrectly, or other environmental hazard please click here to request assistance from Environmental Services in Oklahoma.

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