Learn How to Perform Drain Cleaning in Tucson AZ on Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is probably the most used sink in the home. As such, quite a bit can accidentally go down it that shouldn’t, and it can easily become clogged. When the kitchen sink is clogged, the person might try using homemade drain cleaners first, and then empty the trap underneath the sink if it’s still not draining properly. If this doesn’t work, they’ll need to contact a professional for drain cleaning in Tucson AZ.

There are a variety of recipes a person can try to clean a clogged kitchen sink, but if this doesn’t work, they’ll want to open up the trap under the sink and clear that out to see if that could be the issue. The following steps can help the homeowner do this on their own.

  • Underneath the kitchen sink, the homeowner should find the plumbing and be able to locate a piece that is shaped like a “U” near the bottom of the cabinet. They’ll want to find this and then gather a bucket and gloves to use. They’ll want to place the bucket under this piece of plumbing to catch the trapped water that will be released from above it.
  • The U-shaped piece should have a way to unscrew it from the other pieces of the pipe. The homeowner will want to do this carefully as it will start leaking as soon as it’s loosened and quite a bit of water can come out once it’s removed if there was water in the sink that wouldn’t drain. They may want to wear gloves to protect their hands.
  • Once they have removed the piece, they’ll want to thoroughly clean it and remove anything that could be clogging it. It’s important to remember to rinse it in another sink as many times people will forget and overfill the bucket below the sink trying to clean it, creating a huge mess.
  • As soon as the trap has any clogs removed, the person can reattach it. They’ll want to be careful to ensure they attach it tightly to prevent any future leaks and run water through it to ensure the clog is gone and that it won’t leak.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, or if a homeowner would prefer to have a professional tackle the issue for them, they’ll want to contact Arico Plumbing about Drain Cleaning in Tucson AZ as soon as possible.

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