Learn More About Child Custody in Dayton, OH

Child Custody in Dayton OH, is about more than who has the child more often. It also deals with who can make legal, medical, and educational decisions for the child. Usually, child custody, support, and visitation are all decided at the same time and can be adjusted as necessary through the child’s life. If you’re planning on separating from your partner, you’re going to want to learn more about Child Custody in Dayton OH, so you know what to expect.

Typically, child custody can be full or shared. With full custody, the custodial parent makes the decisions about the child’s welfare. This includes legal, medical, and educational decisions, though it can cover other areas as well. In shared custody, both parents must work together to decide what’s going to be right for the child. Shared child custody is the most common type of custody and is generally applied as long as the child’s welfare with one parent is not called into question.

Once the custody is determined, visitation and child support can be determined as well. The parent who has primary custody will often be awarded child support to be paid monthly by the other parent. Visitation can cover a wide range of situations including supervised visitation and splitting the time between homes equally. If you have full custody, you will likely be given child support and will need to create a visitation schedule with your ex-partner. If you share custody, the child support may be low or non-existent since the child will split their time at both homes.

If you have any questions about your case, you’re going to want to speak with a lawyer. They can help you determine what kind of child custody you’re likely to get and make sure that the child support and visitation schedule works well for your child. Remember, in cases like these, the case is determined by what is better for the child, not necessarily what the parents want to happen. Your lawyer can answer any questions and help you through the child custody case so you can get the outcome you desire. Contact them today to find out more.

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