Looking for an Inspiring Church Event? Look No Further!

Looking for an Inspiring Church Event? Look No Further!

Loving God, people and life are what the Word of Life church is all about. Instead of being affiliated with a specific denomination, this Christian church is a local one, as inspired by the New Testament. Among their beliefs include the fundamental principles that people must be born again to achieve salvation and that all Christians are given certain spiritual gifts. If this sounds appealing, an interested person may want to learn more about a Church Event sponsored by this organization.

For instance, people who don’t live in the Honolulu area might want to tune in for a weekend worship service they can watch through an online live stream through the website. A Church Event also might involve a teaching series for Christians who want a new learning experience. There are conferences and speakers brought in from other places. The atmosphere is uplifting and dynamic, and perfect for Christians who love a variety of inspiring experiences.

In truth, every worship service here may be considered an event in and of itself, with powerful sermons from the pastors and presentations of various sorts from congregation members. There may be plays and concerts that hold the members’ attention and provide an aspect of spiritual guidance through wholesome entertainment.

Parents who seek an active Christian experience for their children or teenagers will especially appreciate this organization. Middle school and high school youth groups help guide these young people to keep their focus on Jesus and avoid succumbing to temptations that can cause trouble.

The church is a large one, but it has a superb strategy for helping members remain connected and not feel lost in a crowd. That’s accomplished by smaller church life groups in which the members can become involved. There is a sense of being in a close-knit, extended family. The church also offers several worship services to accommodate everyone who wants to attend weekly.

For more information on this Christian organization, visit the website Wolhawaii.com. Guests are welcome to attend, and many visitors come to this church to watch plays, listen to music and hear the spiritual talks by guest speakers. You can follow them on Instagram.

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