Lots of electrical equipment may demand an upgrade

Compared to a home of twenty years ago, today’s home is loaded with electrical equipment never seen let alone thought of. It is little wonder why those that are involved in the residential electrical services in Salinas are so busy upgrading the services in homes. With the ever increasing load being placed on the home electrical system it is no surprise that to keep everything working as it should, new wiring is often required and upgraded fuse panels must be installed. If your home is one that was built some years ago and you believe an electrical upgrade might be in order there are a number of things you need to be aware of. Dealing with electricity is not something that people without the requisite skills should deal with, it may be OK for the homeowner to replace a faulty light socket but if the house needs rewiring and the panel needs upgrading this is a task that must be left to a professional electrician.

Planning the project:

Rewiring a home is a major project; it is not just a simple matter of pulling new wires through existing conduit. If you are going to increase the electrical capacity in your home then there is a good chance you also need to upgrade the incoming service. To comfortably increase the load it is often a necessity to increase the service from 60 amps to 100 amps. This is not something that can be done by anyone other than someone who is skilled at residential electrical services in Salinas.

The objective of planning is to ensure that as your power needs continue to increase, your system will be able to cope; it is not just today, with the way the demand for new electrical devices continues to grow, it is important to plan for the future. If you are adding circuits to a room, rewiring your kitchen after it was remodeled or adding a circuit on the patio consider the ways the space might be used, plan for enough power to meet any anticipated demand. The worst possible thing that a homeowner can do is to pay the price for an electrical upgrade only to find out that in a few years it has to be done again.

As technology improves, as more and more electrical equipment and apparatus is introduced into the home, having wiring which is good enough for today but lacks for future demand is simply not good enough.

Fehn Electric takes the safety of your home’s electrical system very seriously and offers quality Residential Electrical Services at an affordable price.

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