Louisville Offers a Variety of Local Movers to Aid in Your Relocation

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Moving Services

Moving does not have to be nerve-wracking, especially if you are prepared. For a successful relocation, experts recommend hiring a licensed moving company two months before the move. Sure it is going to cost extra, but there are numerous benefits of hiring the professionals to do the hard work.

Start by researching companies with agencies that serve the Louisville area and cross-reference those with the Better Business Bureau to make sure local movers meet certain customer service qualities and risk management standards.

Once you have narrowed the search to three, contact the companies to get an estimate of how much it will cost, what type of transportation is available, what the insurance rates are and for your protection, request a list of your rights and responsibilities in working with that company.

Create a Checklist
One helpful tip is to start a folder to keep all of the information you will need for a successful move right at your disposal. This should include all the paperwork necessary to relocate to a new area such as bank account information, change-of-address forms, insurance documents, and most importantly, a checklist to help prioritize projects and assist in time management. Several detailed lists are available to download at no cost online.

Organize, Organize, Organize
First and foremost, get the packing process started by throwing away or donating household items, toys, clothing, sporting goods and large furniture items that you don’t use or no longer want. Not only will this reduce clutter, but it will also provide a clear picture of what your packing needs will be when communicating with the local movers. Louisville is home to numerous companies in Louisville that offer real estate marketing, staging and relocation services, secure storage options, and if needed, crated and specialty packing options. Once you have purchased, packing materials begin packing items that are not used everyday, like picture frames and seasonal clothing.

Moving Day
You’ve checked off all the boxes on your “to do” list, packed and labeled all of the boxes that need moving, and you’ve finally finished cleaning — so now what. It’s best to be prepared before the local movers arrive. Set aside valuables and individual suitcases that you won’t be putting in the van.

If your home has been sold, leave a list of warranty information and provide a forwarding address and phone number in case the new owners have questions. Make sure you have the cash to tip the local movers, and a checkbook or credit card handy in case of any emergencies while on the road. Then take a moment to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new — because it’s time to let the local movers take over.

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