Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior

Your home is your castle. You want to make sure you treat the structure well and keep it in great shape. Maintaining your home’s outside is just as important as keeping the inside safe and sound. Here are some ways to keep your home’s façade looking neat and tidy.

Siding and Wall Repair

The outside walls of a home are hit with nature’s elements on a daily basis. If you have vinyl siding, keep the material clean by spraying with clean and clear water annually. Remove any loose debris with your water hose and spot clean throughout the year if necessary. If the vinyl siding has a thicker layer of dirt, mold and additional debris, you can hire a power washing company to come out to clean the hard to get out spots.

If your home has brick, an annual visual inspection of the bricks will allow you to see if any of the units are needing repair. Contractors specializing in brick repair in Wilmette can advise you of the proper repair process. Depending on the severity, the mortar or the bricks themselves would need to be replaced and repaired.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Inspect your gutters every few months to make sure they are free and clear of any fallen sticks, leaves and dirt. Clear out any blockage manually or with water. Also, check for any leaks, holes or gaps along the gutters. The gutters wear down over time, so finding any damage is not uncommon. A lot of times, squirrels or rats can nest in the gutters and chew off pieces of the material.

Ensure the gutters are sending the water away from your home and its foundation. If water is dropping straight down to the ground, this will eventually erode the soil surrounding the home and make its way to the foundation and possible through the walls.

Roof Inspection

You should inspect your roof annually as well. Check for any loose shingles or tiles and repair them as soon as possible. If you leave the broken roof shingles unfixed, it could cause leaks and additional damage.

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