What Makes STAR Smog Check Stations the Place to Go?

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Smog Inspection Station

Residents of the state of California are required by law to have the emissions of their vehicle tested every two years. This emissions test is known as a smog check, and is mandatory for all vehicles made after a certain year and belonging to California citizens or being driven regularly within the state lines.

With smog checking being such a routine part of life in the state, it may seem to some consumers that all smog check stations are the same. However, the state’s STAR program certifies stations that offer higher quality services. These stations are truly the place to be if you want the very best for your vehicles and the environment!

What Makes a Station a STAR?

For a smog check station to become STAR-certified, they must adhere to stringent standards set forth by the state government for excellence in quality of smog check procedures and outcomes. This includes conducting either checks and repairs or checks only, and providing documentation posted on the front of their store or location that tells consumers which services they offer. Vehicles with previous failures or whose emissions are particularly harmful to the environment are often required to visit these locations rather than average smog check stations, because the strict standards they adhere to are likely to improve emissions over time.

How to Find a STAR Station Near You

The California state government offers a directory of stations that are STAR program certified providers. Brentwood, CA drivers can look to A Star Smog for their STAR-certified smog check needs. This local smog check station in Brentwood CA offers residents the best in quality smog control options and quick, convenient checks that get them back on the road in record time. See how close the best station on the block is to you – you won’t regret the drive!

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