Making Sense of Common Walkway Materials Installed By A Masonry Company In Norwalk, CT

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Landscaping

The walkway that leads to the front door of your home can make a good or bad first impression for visitors. Old walkways that are broken or falling apart can also be a trip hazard for your guests. Homeowners who would like to have a beautiful walkway leading to their front door should contact a qualified Masonry Company in Norwalk CT. A company that specializes in masonry work can design and create a safe walkway that adds curb appeal to your home. Read the questions and answers below to learn more information about common walkway materials and other services provided by an experienced masonry company. You can click here to get more details.

Q.) What types of materials are available for constructing a walkway?

A.) Common materials used for walkways include brick, stone, and concrete pavers. A brick walkway has many benefits including affordability, low maintenance, and color choice varieties. Masonry contractors can install brick walkways in a variety of patterns including running bond, herringbone, and basket weave. A brick walkway can also be installed in a straight line, or it can be curved to follow a specific path. Stone is a natural material, and many homeowners take advantage of this fact to create a unique walkway. By installing stones in assorted shapes and sizes, no two walkways are ever alike. The natural hardness of stone makes it a very durable material for a walkway because it’s resistant to chipping and cracking. Concrete pavers are available in a large assortment of shapes and colors. Masonry contractors can create many different designs and patterns when installing pavers. This material is often used for walkways because the surface is rough, and this prevents slips and falls. Pavers are unaffected by extreme weather conditions, and they resist cracking by expanding and contracting when the outside temperature fluctuates.

Q.) What other types of landscaping work is performed by a landscaping company?

A.) An experienced landscaping company, such as Giglio Landscaping Services LLC, provides various types of services for their residential and commercial customers. In addition to walkways, a Masonry Company in Norwalk CT can install retaining walls, swimming pool patios, exterior staircases, and front entrance pillars. After consulting a homeowner, a contractor can design and install any type of masonry work for property enhancement and safety.

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