Microblading For Contouring Your Eyebrows

Microblading For Contouring Your Eyebrows

Trends for eyebrows come and go, they were thick and natural during the 80s, thin and skinny during the 90s, really-really thin during the 2000s, bushy, and now they are bold, thick and manicured.

To get the well-manicured eyebrow people are turning to microblading. Microblading eyebrows in Dallas is the newest way to shape and contour your eyebrows and brighten your eyes.

Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading should be thought of as a not-so-deep tattoo. Microblading technicians will use a pen-like tool which has about twelve very fine needles at the end. The technician will move the tool across the brow area and create small hair-like scratches to mimic brow hairs. The pigment is then inserted into the scratches.

The Procedures

The first microblading treatment will take the longest. Technicians will determine the shape and fullness of the brow. They will then numb the eyebrow areas before the procedure starts. The procedure itself does not hurt, but it can feel like someone is plucking the hairs.

There is some aftercare when the procedure is done. This can include not getting the brow area wet for a week and ointment to protect the area. Customers should be patient as it can take up to a month for the area to fully heal and the true color of the brow shines through.

Even though microblading is using tattoo techniques, it does not last forever. The color will fade; however, it can last up to two years. Touch-ups are required to keep the original color and shape.

Microblading your eyebrows in Dallas can be performed on anyone with healthy skin. The procedure is safe and produces excellent results. Microblading is not recommended for people with compromised immune systems, active inflammatory disorders, bleeding issues, shingles or allergies to tattoo ink. Some medications and products with anti-aging ingredients may interfere with the treatments.

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