Morning Cup O’ Joe: Why Kona Ground Coffee Exceeds Expectations

The richest coffee beans harvested on the Earth can be found growing in the small Kona district of Hawaii. Kona Ground Coffee is planted and harvested in the soil of unique quality and grows in an ideal climate for producing the richest and tastiest beans.

It’s almost a year-long process from the planting to the harvesting Kona coffee beans. Through each stage, the plants and beans are carefully monitored for quality. Once the berries have passed the inspection for color and freshness, they are delivered to the pulp machine to reveal the delectable coffee bean. It is then fermented, washed and dried, to one day be ground for a perfect morning cup of coffee. There are upwards of five hundred coffee plantations in Hawaii. Kona is known to have the best-tasting, sweet, full, and rejuvenating coffee beans in all of the island state, according to experienced coffee aficionados.

A grading system was put in place in the 1980’s for Kona Ground Coffee. Each grade establishes different levels of coffee quality from Kona Extra Fancy to Kona Prime. Kona Extra Fancy exhibits superior flavor. Next in line is Kona Fancy which is considered excellent. It’s made with slightly smaller beans than the Kona Extra Fancy. Next, the grade of Kona One is characterized as somewhat different in flavor because other coffees are mixed with a higher grade to create a blend of 100%. The next two grades are more affordable, and because of the price, are purchased more often than the higher grades. They are labeled Kona Select and Kona Prime coffee. Each can be sold under many differing levels of Kona blended with coffee beans from other places Hawaii. With the last two grades, there can be an uneven flavor due to the fact that the beans vary in size when being processed.

Be aware of coffee products in the stores that say Kona coffee on the label. They may contain as little as 10% of actual Kona coffee beans in the entire product. A product such as this will not allow the coffee drinker to partake of the true Kona Coffee experience. Research any coffee labeled with Kona to find the location in Hawaii where the beans were derived. If all else fails, Visit the Website to find accurate information on where to purchase the best grade of Kona coffee. All serious coffee drinkers should have the pleasure of drinking 100% Kona Coffee.

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