Movers in Southlake with Storage Unit Facilities Provide a Convenient Combination Service

Movers in Southlake can help people who need to move out of their place but are not ready or cannot move into their new home yet. These individuals commonly need to rent storage space for a few months while they wait for the finishing touches on a new house or while they spend the summer out of the area.

Some moving companies have storage units for rent, which makes it especially convenient for people who need both services. They can hire the movers to bring their belongings to the unit, and then laterdeliver them to the new home. Someone from the staff can go over ahead of time to estimate the unit size that will be necessary.
There’s no need to find out whether the moving truck will fit into an area near the unit for unloading. When using a separate moving company and storage facility, there can be issues with road and parking space, as well as tight turns. However, the customer still must learn where the truck can be parked while moving out of and into residences if no driveway is available. This has to be mapped out ahead of time.

A company such as Firefighting’s Finest Moving and Storage, Inc. offers this dual service. This particular organization will be intriguing to anyone who understands the tremendously valuable work of firefighters, since off-duty firefighters make up a large part of this company’s workforce. Customers can choose different levels of service. They may want to pack their own possessions and have the workers do the transport, or they may turn the packing over to the workers as well.

An advantage of having professional movers in Southlake put items in storage is their knowledge of how to place different objects in the most efficient way. If the customers do their own packing, they should clearly label every box and other containers so it’s obvious what is inside. The movers will swiftly put everything in the unit, creating aisles so the customers can go in and find something they may need while everything is in storage. Labels or other box markings will face outward for easy identification.

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