Moving Past Family Problems With Therapy

Moving Past Family Problems With Therapy

A family member’s addiction can attack every aspect of the group dynamic. One family member may be the most susceptible to addiction: adolescents. Adolescence in itself is stressful without the pressures of fitting in, dealing with a changing body, keeping grades up, doing well on a sport’s team, getting a first job and for many, taking care of younger siblings. For all these reasons, it isn’t uncommon for adolescents to turn to drugs for a release. If your child is withdrawing from school, family life and is displaying symptoms of drug use or addiction, it may be time for counseling or therapy.

Disrupting The Family Unit

Addiction will tear your family apart. An adolescent’s siblings will not understand the addict’s irrational behaviors and actions. A brother or sister will seem like an all-together different person and siblings may blame themselves for this change. Parents, unequipped with the proper tools, trying to deal with their son or daughter’s drug dependency can drive a teenager further away and deeper into a problem. Family therapy in Minnesota is available for families who are struggling because of a family member’s drug dependency.

Parenting Skills Program

These programs are available for parents who have adolescents enrolled in a day recovery treatment program. Typically, parents attend these classes twice a week for anywhere between 3 – 5 weeks. Parents attending these classes will learn the skills, strategies and understanding to what an adolescent with mental illness or drug dependency is going through. Programs are led by a mental health therapist who will help parents identify parenting techniques that will assist in helping to establish boundaries, increase structure and consistency, increase a teenager’s self-esteem and motivation through positive reinforcement and establish, enforce and communicate rules.

Family Therapy

Changes in one family member can be confusing for other members in the group, especially the younger ones. If a parent or adolescent is suffering from mental illness, brain injury or addiction, family therapy may be what your family needs to move past this fork in the road. Family therapy in Minnesota is available to families who wish to communicate with each other in a safe, controlled environment with the guidance of a behavior professional. Addressing issues and discussing them as a group in this environment can prove effective in making strides towards a healthier and happier group dynamic. The stresses of keeping a family together can be overwhelming, but the benefits of a loving family are truly one of life’s most rewarding endeavors.

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