Myths About Singing

by | May 10, 2019 | Online Business

If you want to improve your voice, then you should consider taking singing classes Vancouver. One of the reasons that many people never get the most out of singing is because they believe the myths about it. There are several myths about singing that need to be debunked.

Myth: You Should not Sing From Your Throat

Fact: If you feel irritation in your throat while singing, then your technique is likely wrong. People who tell people that they should not sing from their throat have good intentions. However, you have to sing from your throat because that is where your vocal cords are.

Myth: All Female Singers are Altos if They do not Sing High

Fact: Many female singers can be trained to hit high notes. Thinning out your vocal cords and working on breath control will help you hit the high notes. That is why you may be capable of hitting the high notes if you take training.

Myth: You Should not Drink COffee Before You Sing

Fact: If you have taken the vocal lessons in the past, then you may have been told that you should not drink coffee before you sing. However, studies have shown that drinking two cups of coffee before singing will not hurt your voice.

Myth: If You Sing One Genre, Then You can Sing Another

Fact: Breath control, support and pitch are some of the keys to singing any genre of music. However, if you want to sing a particular style of music, then you will have to practice singing that style of music.

Myth: If You Breathe Well, Then You can Sing Well

Fact: Breathing is just one part of singing. You also have to be able to phonate, resonate and articulate words.

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