Why Do You Need Digital Rights Management On Blu Ray

Why Do You Need Digital Rights Management On Blu Ray

In today’s digital world, copyright infringement has become a significant problem for individuals in the production industry. Take, for instance, companies that provide video content on Blu Ray. Without having copy protected Blu Ray discs, their material is susceptible to illegal duplication. Hence, the question arises, why do you need to have copy protection?

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property is any media that allow belongs to the creator such as music, movies or videos. Intellectual property rights the creator to protect their content from use by unauthorized individuals. Take for instance a move produced on Blu Ray. If the discs do not have copy protection, it is hard to get a grip on your copyright infringements from pirates. Thus, you need to have Blu Ray duplication protection on all your productions to prevent the above scenario.


The main reason content gets pirated is because individuals who do not have the right to distribute your content stored in Blu Ray want to make money off of your material without permission. Typically, if a vendor wants to sell your content, they need to apply for a license to do so else they are breaking your copyright. However, because getting a license is rather expensive for these individuals or they are downright greedy, they make copies of your material and sell it without giving you a slice of the proceeds. By so doing, your sales get reduced due to the distribution of copied materials. Thus, if you want to maintain good sales and prevent your content from getting pirated, copy protection is the way to go.

Maintaining Investors Trust

When making a film, producers, and studios source funds from investors. These investors expect to get paid back from the sales you make on the Blu Ray film. Without copy protection, the movie might get extensively pirated, which significantly reduces the sales. If this happens, the investors don’t get their ROI. If word gets back to them the film was pirated they might blame you for their losses and probably won’t reinvest.

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