Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Cycling Accident?

Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Cycling Accident?

In 2013, the number of cyclists killed were over 900 while accident-related injuries had resulted in as much as 494,000 visits to the ER, says the CDC. Medical and productivity losses were estimated at 10 billion.

If you or your loved one find yourself injured in a bicycle accident, with the other party clearly at fault, you can file for a claim for the damages. Don’t know where to start?

Hire a lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can get you the assistance and guidance you need. Your lawyer can evaluate the details of your case and tell you if the case is worth pursuing or not. S/he will also gather the necessary evidence you need for your case to stand up in court. S/he will research case laws on bicycle accidents and contact witnesses in order to help build a solid case. Lastly, s/he will also run you through the steps to prepare you for your trial.

Why hire one

Hiring a lawyer reduces the amount of stress you have to deal with. It also improves the chances of you receiving the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. By hiring one, you get the peace of mind of knowing justice has been served.

Who to hire

Choose a personal injury lawyer experienced in handling bicycle accidents. A good reputation in the business is also a good sign that you’re getting the right legal counsel on board. So ask around. Chances are, if the lawyer has been in the business for many years now, s/he likely already has a reputation you can research and ask about. Aside from the credentials, though, make sure you hire someone who dedicated to your case. If your lawyer can’t seem to make time to meet you for case developments, then you might want to sever that connection and hire someone else.

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