Not all medical waste removal companies offer the same services

One of the major complaints that many companies have when they’re trying to find a medical waste removal concern in Jupiter area is that it’s hard to compare prices. The reason for this is that few companies provide a flat-fee, and many make the costing and quotation so difficult to understand that it’s really hard to compare apples with apples. This is not done by accident, and many large companies are well versed in providing costs that are deliberately confusing. In that situation, once the service agreement has been signed, you find that there are many additional charges that are suddenly on your invoice. It is possible to negotiate with a company that will give you clean and transparent costing, and this is something that you should insist upon in order to make an informed decision. It’s also very important to look at the increases that are proposed in the contract – if the cost is raised by a high percentage on an annual basis, this could quickly have a detrimental effect on your bottom line.

What happens when there are changes to the service agreement?
It is well known that most companies with bio-hazardous waste have changes in volume during the period of a contract. Some companies will charge a monthly fee as part of an agreement, even if your medical waste volumes are very low. Try to find a company that doesn’t penalize you for extra volume and additional pick-ups, and that won’t charge you at all if you have a period when you don’t need medical waste removed.

Having clear communication with a waste removal company is also very important, and this is often eased when the company is local and if you have a good relationship with the supplying company. Most companies have specific schedules to pick up medical waste from their clients, and they find it expensive and time-consuming to have to re-route their vehicles. If the company you partner with is truly service-oriented, they’ll be able to supply a smaller vehicle to come to your premises, and will be much more flexible about meeting your needs rather than forcing you to fit into their schedule.

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