Now is A Great Time to Contact Air Conditioner Contractors in Toledo OH

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Are you interested in staying cool this summer while keeping your energy costs low? If you are interested in this type of situation, now is a great time to contact air conditioner contractors in Toledo OH. Before summer’s heat and humidity are making you uncomfortable in your home, a well-trained technician can provide you with a free estimate of a new air conditioning unit or perform the necessary repairs your air conditioning system needs.

A homeowner can help their air conditioning system by regularly changing their filter and keeping the ductwork vents clear of debris. If there’s any clutter around a furnace that the air conditioning system operates through, it should be removed to provide the unit with the airflow it needs.

Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up

A complete central air conditioner tune-up can be performed for under $100 and will include cleaning the outside condensing unit. The coolant level will be measured and the contractors will be cleaned. The motor will be oiled and the indoor coil and drain will be inspected, and the temperature will be measured.

This minimal amount of money for a tune-up could eliminate a homeowner having to call for repair over the summer. In addition to a great price on a tune-up, a homeowner should ask about any other discounts they might be able to receive.

Cleaner Air

With a properly operating air conditioner, a homeowner should consider the installation of an air filter on their HVAC system. Air Conditioner Contractors in Toledo OH have various options to use for a homeowner to enjoy healthier air inside of their home. Properly filtered air can improve the indoor air quality, promote occupant health, reduce airborne allergies and cut down on odors and dust.

Water Heaters

An HVAC contractor can install, repair or replace water heaters in a home. When a homeowner has a boiler system, the water heater that is connected to the system can require additional maintenance that only a trained HVAC technician.

If you want to remain warm for the remaining portion of the winter and get ready for the summer months, now is the time to contact an experienced heating and air conditioning company. Getting an air conditioner serviced now will reduce the rush that happens as soon as the temperatures begin to increase. Contact us and find out how we can help.

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