OEM Lens Tape—What You Need to Know

The words OEM lens tape may sound almost foreign to you if you are not a regular consumer of all things tech. However, the term lens tape is not as tricky as it seems. If you have ever owned a cell phone, then you’re half way there already. Furthermore, if you’ve ever broken your phone’s glass screen or back cover than you most likely already know what lens tape does.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Original equipment manufacturer essentially means that a particular company has been authorized to resell another company’s product as though it were their product, give or take a few alterations. Specially, OEMs products have just been customized. Due to this additional customization, the company that added to the original product now warrants, brands and licenses the finished product as its own. OEM products are no different in overall quality when compared to their retail counterparts.

Cellular and Computer Technology
The term OEM refers to a specific type of material reproduction. Keeping with the broken cell phone screen theme, consumers can purchase OEM lens tape from a variety of companies. Often, the best place to purchase this kind of item is from a company that specializes in clear lens tape customization and graphic design. Due to the highly complex inner-workings of cell phones such as the iPhone or Blackberry, it is important to purchase lens tape from a company that understands the phrase— perfectly fitted installation.

When installing OEM lens tape, it is highly recommended that you have either a cell phone repair shop or the company that you purchased the lens tape from, install the product. Having a knowledgeable person assist you with your lens tape will ensure that it works and fits properly. Having the company you purchased the lens tape from help with the installation is also important because not every phone model has standard precut tapes available.

Alternative Tape
Again, if you cannot find an OEM lens tape for your make and model, there are many standard precut tapes that can be customized to your particular phone. Many custom label manufacturing companies will gladly adjust the specs of a lens tape to meet your needs.

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