Organize Your Tools with Pegboard Hooks

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Pegboard hooks are typically installed on walls or columns. They are used as drying racks, making it easy for you to provide a vertical drainage as well as drying space for any of the glassware you have in your laboratory. Some pegboard hooks with accessories are custom-built to ensure pegs are at a 30-degree angle to provide maximum support for the specific types of glassware.

There are a number of types of peg boards out there. You can go for phenolic and epoxy pegboards. These can come with or without a trough. For troughs, you can opt for a epoxy or phenolic material. Need something else? Reach out to reliable pegboard hook providers and talk to them about the specific kind of pegboard hooks you need. With companies like AGR Fabricators providing custom-built services for peg boards, those products are sure to comply with your project requirements.

Organizational use
Aside from allowing you to drain and dry your glassware effectively, wall mount laboratory drying racks with pegboard hooks allow you to efficiently store and organize your glassware. It’s easier to monitor your supply or if there are any missing.

You can put items you often use at the bottom of the rack while least-used items go to the top of the rack. That way, you can easily reach out for items you use on a daily basis.

Easy installation
These drying racks are also incredibly easy to install. Installation is quick and simple as well. If you ever need to install one, you can easily do it on your own, provided you have the right tools for the job. If not, hiring a pro is the next best thing.

So if you want to improve organization in your lab, opt for a drying rack with pegboard hooks. It’s a convenient way to keep your flasks, tubes and other glassware all in one place.

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