Pedestrian Accidents Are Frequently Among the Most Serious and Harmful of All

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Law Firm

When two cars collide, tremendous amounts of energy often end up being dispersed between them in an instant. That can leave both vehicles inoperable and their occupants facing serious injuries or even worse.

If a car or truck weighing thousands of pounds strikes an unprotected pedestrian, though, the prognosis is often even more dismal. The imbalance of weight and mass involved will generally mean the pedestrian absorbs the brunt of the damage.

Pedestrian accidents, therefore, frequently leave victims with extremely serious injuries that disrupt their lives profoundly for a long time to come. In any such case where significant injuries have been suffered, it will almost always be wise to contact an attorney like one of those at

Many Ways for Drivers to End Up Striking Pedestrians

Even though they are most often kept to separate, dedicated byways, drivers and pedestrians frequently end up coming together in accidents. In some cities, deaths caused by drivers striking pedestrians outnumber accident-related fatalities of all other kinds.

In many more cases, a car or truck that strikes a vulnerable pedestrian will cause significant injuries that require medical treatment and rehabilitation. Some of the environments where drivers are most likely to run into pedestrians include:

  • Crosswalks

While crosswalks are meant to provide pedestrians with safe passage across roads, that does not always happen. Drivers who are less attentive than they should be frequently cause pedestrian accidents by turning into crosswalks without making sure they are clear.

  • Parking lots

Even accidents that happen at relatively low speeds can leave pedestrians with serious injuries. Many accidents involving pedestrians happen in crowded parking lots where even a bit of negligence on the part of a driver can lead to tragedy.

Legal Representation Frequently Makes the Most Difference

Pedestrians who are struck and injured by drivers often understandably feel helpless and vulnerable in the aftermath. Getting in touch with an attorney who is ready to protect the interests of an accident victim will often be one of the most productive moves to make. Pedestrians who suffer injuries in accidents tend to fare best when a lawyer is available to provide support and representation.

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