Pets Require Vaccinations

If you have a new puppy or kitten, then you should bring the animal to a veterinarian near Bucktown for an examination. It is important to know if you have adopted a pet with health problems that are treatable and if the animal will need vaccinations to avoid any communicable diseases. Puppies can have an assortment of health issues, including parasites in the intestinal tract, heart or lungs. Some puppies have already developed kennel cough or parvovirus, and the animals require immediate treatment to avoid life-threatening complications.

Schedule a Pet’s Immunizations

Kittens can also have health problems such as feline distemper or leukemia, and a veterinarian in Bucktown can collect blood samples from your new pet to find any problems. When your kitten or puppy is healthy, you can keep it that way by scheduling all of your pet’s vaccinations. All pets should have a rabies vaccination, but you may need to have other immunizations for an animal, including canine distemper or influenza for dogs or an assortment of vaccinations for kittens. Some of these vaccinations are given at one time, but you may need to bring your pet to a veterinarian clinic multiple times for different immunizations.

Call Us to Learn More About Caring for Your New Pet

After receiving one or more vaccinations, your pet may have a reaction, including feeling lethargic or having a fever. Some puppies or kittens have more severe reactions from a shot such as having swollen tissue at the injection site or having gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea or vomiting. If your pet has a dangerous reaction, then you should seek advice from your veterinarian in Bucktown immediately. To learn more about caring for your puppy or kitten, contact Village West Veterinary today!

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