Plan Your Next Corporate Event Aboard a Chartered Cruise

If you own a business and want to impress your clients as well as your staff then you should plan your next corporate event aboard a chartered cruise. If you have never attended a corporate dinner on a catamaran, you are in for a treat. Santa Barbara corporate events are held on a catamaran that has been chartered specifically for an event, providing the opportunity for a lot of fun and a very unique business environment. This is a great way to create a lasting impression and entertain your clients and staff.

Captain and Crew Will Assist You in Arranging Your Business Outing  
A captain and their crew will be more than happy to assist you in arranging your business outing. You can choose from open bar with the finest appetizers or live music with an elegant dinner. Whichever you prefer it can be custom designed for your corporate event to make it a successful and enjoyable time for all. Having a captain and crew help you will allow you to be able to enjoy the trip along with your clients and be stress-free. The twin hulled, modern catamaran provides a smooth ride and has a state-of-the-art Bose sound system for music, two 42-inch monitors for videos, and a PA system for speakers. The catamaran is designed with a luxurious, spacious, teak-paneled cabin with skylights and smoked-glass windows. It has a capacity to hold around 120 people and features a fully equipped bar and gallery for your clients and staff.

Corporate Events on a Catamaran Are Perfect for Impressing Clients
Having your corporate event on a catamaran is perfect for impressing your clients and staff. A corporate event chartered cruise will be an experience your clients will cherish and talk about for a long time. Your clients will be thoroughly satisfied and captivated with the cruise. The main purpose of your corporate event on a catamaran cruise is to provide an enjoyable environment to meet with clients and staff. It is a great way to layout the ground work for a merger or deal.

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