Plumbing Repair in De Pere WI: Common Causes of Drain Pipe Problems

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It is possible to experience occasional problems with your drainage system. Some of which can be easily solved, but others come as a result of the type of drainage pipes used. You are advised to ensure that the drainage pipes intended to be installed are right, and they suit the drainage need you require. Also ensure that the installation is done by an experienced plumber. Failure to which, you will find yourself needing Plumbing Repair in De Pere WI. To avoid unnecessary repairs, seek for professional help, and find out if your drainage pipe issues are caused by any of the situations described below.

Drain traps are initially installed to hold a small amount of water so that sewer gases do not get into the house. These traps, however, become a home for clogs. Clogs trapped in the drain trap can be easily removed using chemical drain cleaners, a snake or plunger. Sometimes the need for the trap to be removed might arise if the clog is too stubborn. A professional plumber can help when clogs are stubborn.

The assumption that “the bigger the drain pipes, the better” is very wrong. One should get just the correct size for their draining needs. A very big drain pipe reduces the pressure needed for drainage and a very small drain pipe will most likely cause drain clogs. A plumber can install the right size for commercial or domestic drainage.

Sometimes, you might notice that all the drains in your household are clogging. If they are checked properly by a plumber and the problem persists, there might be a problem with the main line to the sewer. When the main sewer gets clogged, any drainage system connected to it also gets affected. Unlike household clogs which are normally caused by hairs, grease, soap or papers the main sewer clogs can be caused by roots from a tree, dirt or at times dead animals. If the problem is the main sewer, let it be taken care of professionally.

When it comes to drain pipes, installing the proper pipes in the correct way will ensure that you avoid future problems. Also, make sure that you occasionally perform routine maintenance to avoid clogs. For instance, pouring baking soda followed by vinegar then boiling water clears drains. For more information about Plumbing Repair in De Pere WI, you can look here.


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