Potential Benefits of Samba Dance in Atascocita, TX

by | May 26, 2017 | Dance School

The fact that dancing is fun is enough of a reason for many people to take dance lessons, but this isn’t the only reason why it can be beneficial. One type of dance that’s fun and relatively easy to learn is the Samba, which is a type of ballroom dancing sometimes called the Brazilian waltz. Samba Dance Atascocita TX lessons provide a number of health benefits.

Stronger Body

Doing the samba can help increase the strength of the bones, muscles, lungs and heart. It’s a very active dance, which means it works your cardiovascular system, hence the lung and heart benefits. Your butt, legs, arms, abs and hips will all get a good workout. The workout provided is both aerobic and anaerobic.

Flexibility and Mobility

The hip motions required when taking Samba Dance Atascocita TX lessons will help you increase the range of motion of the hips in a safe manner. Dance classes contain stretching at the beginning of the class to help with flexibility. Increased flexibility makes it less likely you’ll be injured. You’ll also learn about proper posture and body alignment. Dancing tends to improve a person’s coordination with practice, further limiting the injury risk.

Potential Weight Loss

The high level of activity required for samba dancing can burn quite a few calories, so it has the potential to improve weight loss results if people don’t overcompensate for the exercise by eating more. Because it’s so fun, people may be more likely to do it long enough to get more benefits than the typical workout at the gym. It’s always best to do a workout that you think is fun because if you enjoy it, you’ll be less likely to skip working out.

Mental Benefits

Learning a new dance helps stimulate memory and keep your brain fit as you age. Dancing, in general, tends to make people happy and limit mental health issues such as depression. The hormones released by the body during dancing help reduce stress. Part of these mental health benefits is due to the social interaction involved in the dancing, which helps people feel less lonely.

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