Preparing for Your Hair Appointment

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Hair Salon

Some salons do accept walk-ins, but if you want the best quality hair, you need to prepare for a proper appointment. Whether you’re changing from long locks to a pixie cut or switching up the color, preparation is key for a successful appointment. Here are some tips on preparing for your next hair appointment.

Find the Right Salon

Before you make the appointment, be sure it’s with the best salon for you. Ask people with your desired hair style where they got it done. Read reviews on hair salons in your area. For a hair salon in River North, check out Researching hair salons online helps you see what they can do. You can even schedule a consultation before making an appointment to ensure you’ve found the right fit.

Find Pictures

While stylists have experience interpreting what you say, it always helps to have pictures. Try finding pictures of what you want from multiple angles to give the stylist a clear idea. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are teeming with photographs of cute hairstyles for inspiration.

Prepare Your Hair

Unless you’re a long time client of a stylist, they need to see your hair in its natural, dry condition to properly assess how to style it. That means that you can’t get away with not washing your hair for a week before your appointment. The texture of week-old hair is much different than first or second-day hair, and that effects what the stylist does. Brush out your hair, so it isn’t full of tangles, as well. Just keep in mind that the general hygiene of your hair isn’t your stylist’s job.

Manage Your Expectations

Everyone’s hair is different. Stylists try their best, but your hair might have a different texture or wave than the people in the photographs you brought in. Stylists work hard to give you a beautiful haircut, but don’t sweat it if it doesn’t look exactly like that Instagram models. Worst comes to worst; you can grow it out and try again. Contact RED 7 SALON To reserve your appointment

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