Problems with Selling Cheap Paint Supplies

Problems with Selling Cheap Paint Supplies

In the paint and paint supply business, it is important to offer good products at affordable prices. In fact, some competitors may try to undersell you by offering cheap and inexpensive painting equipment. However, it is usually best to avoid the temptation of selling cheap products and sell high quality paint brushes and rollers to your customers. Here are a few things which can go wrong when you sell cheap painting equipment.

Short Term Vs. Long Term Results

If you offer some very inexpensive products, you may sell a lot during a short time period. However, cheap rollers and brushes may not give painters the kind of results they want. For example, a cheap roller does not cover walls or ceilings properly and may leave streaks or other imperfections in the paint job.

Customer’s Business Reputation

If a contractor uses rollers which deliver less than perfect results, he may not buy from you again. He has his business reputation to think about and cannot afford to lose customers or have bad reviews. Your customer may see you as a supplier of cheap or faulty products and avoid you entirely in favor of someone selling high quality paint brushes and rollers. Instead of gaining more business, you could lose a lot of customers in the long run.

Your Business Reputation

The public equates you with the products you sell and the services you provide. If you offer high quality paint brushes and supplies, you are seen as a quality company. Customers depend on you and trust you. On the other hand, if your products fail to measure up to professional standards, you are no longer viewed as a professional. This can bring devastating results. If you want to enjoy longevity in the paint supply business, you should offer the best materials at reasonable prices, to get the best results.

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