Questions And Answers About Chimney Installation Service In Annapolis MD

A chimney is a very important feature of any home and it must be constructed properly to ensure its safety. Homeowners who need a chimney should contact a qualified and experienced company for chimney installation service in Annapolis MD. Read the questions and answers below to learn more information about chimneys and installation.

Q.) How much money does a contractor charge for a chimney installation?

A.) Some chimney contractors base their fee on the height of the chimney. The fee to install a chimney for a two-story house will cost more than one that’s erected for a single story home. Other considerations include the pitch of the roof and removing the old chimney if one exists. In addition to labor costs, the contractor will also add in the cost of the materials to determine the total fee. This will include the bricks, mortar, flue liner, flashing and a chimney cap. A chimney contractor will inspect the house and roof before giving the homeowner an estimate for the job.

Q.) Should a homeowner install their own chimney or hire a professional for the job?

A.) Many individuals do some of their own home projects to save money on labor costs, but unless you have experience in chimney installation, this is a project that’s best left to the professionals. If a chimney isn’t installed correctly it can be very dangerous. A chimney that isn’t erected properly may lean and eventually topple over. If the mortar joints aren’t bonded together securely, it can begin to crumble and cause the bricks to become loose. An improperly installed chimney can also be a fire hazard and it could cause toxic carbon monoxide to leak into the house. Since safety is on the line, chimney installation should only be performed by a qualified Chimney Installation Service in Annapolis MD.

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