Questions to Ask Freight Forwarders in Hawaii

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Expanding the client base to include international locations is great, but there’s the matter of making sure the shipments are handled with care. Fortunately, sitting down with a representative from one of the Freight Forwarders in Hawaii will make it easier to understand what process would ensure the order arrives on time. Here are some of the questions to ask the freight professional during that first meeting.

What is Involved With Setting Up and International Shipment?

As any of the pros with the local Freight Forwarders in Hawaii will explain, preparing a shipment to another country is more complex than shipping something across the state. Along with the basic bill of lading, there are plenty of other forms that must be prepared. An expert can help the client determine what forms must be prepared at the point of departure, documents that are added to the mix at various ports, and everything that must be in hand when the shipment reaches the port of destination. With a professional to guide the client through the process, it will not seem like such a daunting task.

How Will the Forwarding Occur?

Depending on the destination, more than one mode of transport may be used to get the shipment to the proper destination. For example, over the road transport may be needed to get the shipment to a port. From there, the shipment is packed in a container and loaded for ocean transport. Upon arriving in the country of destination, the shipment may be transported by rail or over the road. There may even be times when air transport is part of the mix. A professional can ensure that the most efficient combination is used.

Who Pays the Cost?

Shipments can be structured as prepaid, which means the expense is bundled in the charge to the customer and in turn paid by the seller. Another approach is to structure the shipment so the charges are settled by the buyer before it’s possible to take possession of the goods. Since jurisdictional laws will vary, it’s a good idea to determine if one or both of these approaches is acceptable at the destination port.

Don’t worry about the details of scheduling an overseas shipment. Call the team at Landmark Logistics Corporation today and get help with the task. Doing so will mean everything will be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

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