Reasons to Call a Tow Truck in Lumberton

Reasons to Call a Tow Truck in Lumberton

At one time or another, just about every vehicle owner will need the services of a Tow Truck in Lumberton. In fact, tow trucks are used for more situations than many people realize. Here are some examples of when to call for help and know that the tow truck driver will make things a lot better.

Stranded in the Driveway

One morning, the car will not start. Thinking that it may be a dead battery, the owner puts in a call to the local repair shop. A professional arrives driving a Tow Truck in Lumberton. That turns out to be a good thing because the problem is not a battery with no charge. The real culprit is a solenoid switch that has gone bad. The only alternative is to tow the car to the repair shop and replace the useless part with a one that does work.

Four Flat Tires
Owing to some vandalism that took place, the car owner emerges from a club to find that there is not a single tire on the car that can be inflated. While it would be easy enough to deal with one flat, four is out of the question. Fortunately, the local repair shop can dispatch a tow truck along with two inflated tires that will fit the vehicle. Those tires and rims can be placed on the back wheels while the front of the car is hoisted off the ground for transport to the shop. Once there, the professional can put a fresh set of tires on all the original rims.

The Brakes Fail
While the car owner knew the time for a brake repair was approaching, that did little to prepare the motorist for the day that the system failed, and the car sailed right through a stop sign. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Any thought of trying to drive the car slowly to the repair shop is out of the question. Calling for a tow is the only safe solution.

It will not take long for a professional to assess the issue and determine what must be done to have the car ready for the road once again.

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