Reasons Your Neck Pain Should Not Be Ignored

Reasons Your Neck Pain Should Not Be Ignored

Neck pain in Jacksonville is a common ailment that is often ignored by patients, often caused by poor posture or sitting too much. In rare cases, neck pain doesn’t have to be cause for worry – for example, if it is caused by slight strain and goes away in a few weeks. However, there are many reasons why your neck pain should not be ignored if it persists.

  • If the Pain is Radiating

Radiating neck pain can be a symptom of Cervical Radiculitis. Cervical Radiculitis is often caused by an injury resulting from a herniated cervical disk; Other causes include Degenerative Disk Disease and Spinal Stenosis. The symptoms include sharp pain in the neck area and throughout the upper extremities. Additionally, you may feel numbness in the affected area.

This condition is one of the most difficult to treat. The muscle spasms and lack of mobility in the neck must be treated to get relief. This condition can take months to recover from.

  • If the Pain is Acute

Acute neck pain can be an indicator of a cervical neck sprain. This pain is localized in the neck area. The pain usually increases with lifting or movement.

Usually, this kind of pain results from specific trauma or twisting in the neck. This often happens in sports such as football, soccer basketball and hockey, even if helmets are used. For treatment, a doctor might recommend a soft cervical collar to support the neck area.

  • If the Pain is Chronic

Neck pain that is long-lasting should not be ignored, since it can be an indicator of Degenerative Disk Disease. Often, patients ignore this kind of pain because it’s dull rather than sharp. Symptoms of a mild neck strain usually last no longer than a month. Once the symptoms persist past this point, it’s time to see a doctor.

When a doctor evaluates you for chronic pain, they will try to determine what the pain is caused by. Some common causes are herniated discs, arthritis, or spinal stenosis. These can cause the spinal cord and nerves to become pinched, resulting in pain in the neck area. Often, chronic neck pain is accelerated by poor posture.

Just because neck pain is common doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Red flags are if the pain: 1.) intensifies with movement, 2.) causes stiffness, or 3.) causes numbness or increased sensitivity in the extremities. See a doctor if you have any of these symptoms so that you can get treated right away.

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