Reviewing Residential Gravel Driveway Installations

In Connecticut, gravel is an alternative material used for residential driveways and is more cost-effective than concrete. The material lowers the chances of soil runoff and improves the look of the property’s exterior. Sullivan Paving in Madison CT provides complete installation and grating for residential gravel driveways.

What Happens During a Gravel Driveway Installation?

Gravel consists of stone and rock that is considerably smaller than cobblestone. The gravel is about two and a half inches in diameter. It is a mixture of sand, rocks, and clay. The stones are easier to compact and present better stability for driveways.

The driveway installations involve a stripping process to prepare the topsoil. Next, the contractor installs geotextile over the topsoil. Next, the gravel is poured onto the geotextile, and the first layer measures about four inches thick. The contractor compacts each layer of the gravel completely.

The first layer consists of the smallest pieces of gravel. The second layer requires gravel about the size of golf balls, and the last layer consists of marble sized pieces.

What Maintenance is Needed for Gravel?

The property owners schedule grading services for the gravel at regular intervals. All weeds and vegetation are removed from the driveway regularly. Additional gravel is added if weak spots develop.

What is the Longevity for Gravel Driveways?

The driveway won’t crack like other options. It lasts for at least twenty years with regular maintenance. However, higher volumes of precipitation affect the structure of the gravel driveway. Stones are displaced and require replacement quickly.

What is Average Cost of a Gravel Driveway?

Contractors charge an average up to $3 per square foot for the overall installation. The delivery of specialized gravel or fill dirt increases the total cost. Material and labor costs are added to the contractor’s estimate.

In Connecticut, gravel is a more economical choice over concrete paving. The materials are durable and sustainable for homeowners. The installations provide an aesthetically pleasing driveway without extensive maintenance requirements or costs. The installation doesn’t take more than a few hours to complete. Homeowners who want to learn more about gravel driveways contact Sullivan Paving in Madison CT or visit Website for further details now.

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