Roofing Contractors in Thornton, CO Report an Increased Interest in Designer Metal Shingle Roofs

Homeowners tend to like designer metal shingle roofs. Not only are they extra durable, they can be made to look like wood, stone, or clay materials. The introduction of a metal designer roof has reinvigorated the roofing trade. Roofing contractors in Thornton, CO report that the use of metal is now a trending selection.

Roofs that Fit Almost Any Architectural Home Style

For decades, metal roofs were not considered to be designer selections. Instead, roofing a home with metal meant the installation of rigid, corrugated panels. According to roofing contractors, these panels looked like they belonged to such structures as barns or sheds, or buildings that maintained a commercial appearance. Those days are over, as metal designer roofs can fit just about any architectural style, including homes that convey a Victorian, Southern California, or Spanish Colonial appearance.

Metal roofing for homes is usually made from aluminum, copper, or steel. Rolls of steel sheets are given a metallic coating to prevent rust before a coat of paint is applied and baked onto the metal. While aluminum sheets do not need the metallic coating, they do receive the painted finish. Copper is not coated or painted because it can stand up to weather extremes without any corrosive effects.

Coatings for Metal Roofs

Roofing contractors state that steel roofing products are coated with a mix of zinc and aluminum, or with zinc alone. Coatings are also offered in several different thicknesses. The higher the thickness rating, the more it will cost you, as the extra thickness prolongs a roof’s life through the use of reinforced materials.

The primary benefit of installing a metal roof is related to the roof’s strength and longevity. Many manufacturers offer a 50-year warranties for this type of product. Companies claim that their roofs last at least two times longer than roofs made from the more common material of asphalt. By avoiding just one re-roofing job during a metal roof’s life, you can offset the higher initial cost. A home’s resale value is also better when a metal designer roof is applied. You can find out more about metal designer roofs and other roofing solutions by visiting website online.

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