Scheduling Service With a Moving Company in Connecticut: Just One Detail in the Process

by | Apr 22, 2019 | moving

People often find that relocating to a new residence becomes a rushed process filled with chaotic moments and lack of sleep. Planning as far in advance as possible helps a great deal. Items that aren’t being used regularly can be packed well ahead of time. Hiring a Moving Company in Connecticut and getting the service scheduled several weeks before the relocation takes place is advisable.

So Many Details

So many details are involved with relocating that it’s easy to forget some of them until the last minute. The household that is moving must complete tasks like forwarding the mail, notifying everyone of the new address, and canceling and initiating utility service. Making a list of things to do and updating it with each new thought helps the entire household stay on track.

Yard Sales

These individuals may want to have a yard sale to get rid of items they never use and then donate what’s left to a thrift store. If they can unload a lot of stuff, packing becomes much easier. The sale does not have to be listed online far ahead of time, so the household can decide on timing once they have an idea about weather.

Getting Supplies

Beginning to gather packing supplies whenever these people are out and about will limit the need for last-minute searching. They’ll be able to load up the vehicles with free boxes from grocery stores and liquor stores. Plastic packing material also may be available for free at grocery stores. Bubble wrap should be purchased to make sure the most fragile items are thoroughly protected. A Moving Company in Connecticut can provide any materials that the household still needs on the day of the move.

Marking Containers

When packing boxes and other containers, marking them as to which room they belong in saves time when unpacking at the destination site. The workers from a company such as Anthony Augliera Moving Storage & Theatrical Transfer will place those containers in the correct rooms, after which the new residents can unpack as time allows. They may be able to do this quickly, or they can take their time over several days or weeks with the belongings that aren’t needed immediately. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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