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If you have been considering having cosmetic dental work to cover your tooth issues, this information may prove helpful. Many people these days are concerned about the appearance of their teeth, but they do not want to undergo procedures that can cause permanent damage to their smile. If you have major stains, minor damage or even gaps between your teeth, you are not going to feel you look your very best. You need to contact Philip E Toaldo DDS PA. Through porcelain veneers, you can overcome all of these issues and have the perfected smile you have always wanted.

In the past, the process to get dental veneers was a long and damaging one. The dentist would need to work to remove part of your tooth tissue, so there would be room for the new dental veneer to be placed over the tooth. This involved causing permanent damage to your tooth, so you ended up needing to wear veneers for life. Fortunately, the latest advances in dental science have allowed for thinner and lighter veneers. This means you can have your teeth covered, without any invasion to your tooth structure.

Once your veneers have been adhered in place, you can expect them to last for several years. You may need to have routine maintenance performed on them, to keep them looking their very best. The Dentist in Bloomfield NJ will give you ample instructions on taking care of your new veneers and avoiding foods and activities that might cause them damage.

Though there are some food choices you will need to avoid, veneers do not interfere with your ability to eat. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods and have the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

If you are interested in porcelain veneers, you will need to see the Dentist in Bloomfield NJ for a consultation appointment. Once it has been decided you are a good candidate, you will be scheduled to have your veneers put into place. For more information, Visit the Website at They will be glad to provide you with the best in general and cosmetic dentistry, so your teeth and gums will be healthy and your smile will look amazing.

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