Seeing a Family Doctor in Atascocita for Arthritis

The term arthritis literally means joint inflammation (arthritic = joint, itis = inflammation). There are dozens of types of arthritis and associated diseases, including diseases that affect the joints, tissues, bones and muscles. Arthritis causes pain and stiffness and can affect a person no matter the age. In fact, arthritis affects one in six Americans. If you feel arthritis is hounding you, see a Family Doctor in Atascocita.

The warning signs of arthritis include pain, swelling, stiffness or difficulty moving a joint. You should consult your doctor if you have these symptoms for more than two weeks. There are various treatments that reduce pain and stiffness. The mission of your local doctor is to improve lives through the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. Since there are plenty of types, there are probably several causes. The causes of most types of arthritis are unknown.

It is impossible to prevent certain factors that increase the risk of developing arthritis. These factors include:

*  Genetic material that is inherited from parents.

*  A defect in the immune system that normally protects the body against invading bacteria and viruses.

*  In some cases, the system may not respond adequately to infection and, instead, attack the body’s tissues.

Other factors that increase the risk of developing arthritis may include:

*  A defect in the cartilage or joint binding.

*  Injury or trauma to a joint.

*  A bacterium, a fungus, or a virus that can infect joints.

Some factors that increase the risk of certain types of arthritis can be modified. These include:

*  Obesity – People who are overweight have an increased frequency of osteoarthritis (OA), especially in the knees. Men who are overweight are also at increased risk of developing gout.

*  Muscle weakness – Weak muscles do not support the joints properly. If the muscles around the joints are strong; especially the knees; the risk of wear of the joint is smaller and can prevent injury.

*  Repetitive – Some movements that are repeatedly performed for a long period of time can damage or cause injury to the joint.

There are plenty of things one can do to get help, one of which is consulting a Family Doctor in Atascocita. Arthritis can be a crippling disease and will assuredly cause problems associated with lifestyle. click here to learn more.

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