Setting the Record Straight about Wood Garage Doors

Trying to decide on your options for garage doors is often confusing, largely because there is a lot of misinformation about the pros and cons of the types of door options available. These include steel, vinyl, aluminum, and wood garage doors.

By taking a closer look at how steel, vinyl, aluminum, and wood garage doors measure up to each other, you can make an informed decision. Unfortunately, advertising has made some of the options besides wood look like superior products when this is simply not the case.


Steel is one of the most common options, other than wood garage doors. Steel is durable and strong, and it will last for an extended period of time, but it is not without its drawbacks.

Steel garage doors are typically thin sheets of steel over a rigid foam insulating material. They generally do not have the R rating that you will find with wood, and they can be dented and bent. In addition, if scratched, any exposed steel will rust.


Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, which means they are very easy to open and close even with very large garage door openings. There are two types of aluminum doors, the very high quality, and the very economical doors.

They are both rust proof and, with high-end doors, they can also be designed to be dent proof. The lower cost aluminum doors are prone to dents and dings and are usually aluminum frames with plastic paneling.


Vinyl is a relatively new option in garage doors, and they are durable. Depending on the surface treatment and the quality of the doors, they can be prone to fading over time, particularly when exposed to direct sunlight.

Vinyl doors, as with some of the types of aluminum doors, can be more costly than wood garage doors. They also come in standard sizes and customization is typically not an option.


With new options in sealant and UV resistant stains, wood garage doors are much lower maintenance than in the past. These doors offer a classic look for any property with top R values, durability, and long-term beauty.

With wood garage doors made of cedar you also have a lightweight door that is resistant to insects, comes in a variety of styles and options, and can be completely customized to suit the design of your home. They are also a perfect option when you need a non-standard garage door size and can be constructed for any size of garage.

The practical, durable and beautiful nature of wood garage doors at Nick’s Building Supply makes them a popular choice for new home construction as well as renovations. To learn more, see our website

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