Shopping for RV Accessories in Groton

When you are getting your RV ready for a summer of traveling and sightseeing, there will always be those few parts and accessories you discover you need. Since it can be difficult to locate the right item while on the road, it can save a lot of time and worry if you remember these things now, before you set out on your trip. Here are some reminders of the items you may want to consider when shopping for RV Accessories in Groton.

First off, consider the basic things you will need. Item like propane to run the stove, making certain the bathroom facilities are ready and usable and the septic tank is empty and ensuring the AC system is operational and ready to go.

Check all power, water and sewer lines to be certain nothing has come loose or rusted out over the winter. Check all vehicle fluids, test the brakes and brake lines and make certain all vehicle light bulbs are working. Check your tow hitch and all connections.

Check all tires and make certain you have the tools needed to repair or replace a tire on the road if needed. Look over all of the RV Accessories in Groton at the local parts store to be certain you have what you need. Are you sure you have flares, the tools required to fix minor mechanical problems or even the little items like tie-downs for your awning? If not, pick them up now.

If you are new to the RV life, there are some items that many people forget, but are often very important. This includes heavy-duty rubber gloves, a hose and sanitation tablets for cleaning the septic tank. A portable generator and small space heater are handy just in case an unexpected storm blows through.

These items and many other RV Accessories in Groton can be found at Bumper to Bumper. They specialize in car, truck and RV parts and accessories and they often have the unique and hard-to-find items that other shops do not carry. Check them out to see what they have in stock and if they do not have what you need, ask. The staff are always happy to help their customers find everything they want.

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