Shopping for a Wakeboard? 3 Basic Things to Keep in Mind

Ready for some sun, sand, and fun? If you want a bit of adventure on the beach, why not try engaging in water sports? Give wakeboarding a try, for one. To start off, you’ll need to get yourself a board. Here’s what you should know before you take your pick, though:

Your weight

You’ll need to factor in your weight when you look over those wakeboards, says Discover Boating. If you’re under a hundred pounds, then you’ll need to go for a board that’s about 130 cm in length. If your weight is around 90 to 150, go for boards that measure about 130 to 134 cm. If you’re around 130 to 180 pounds, then browse over 135 to 139 cm boards. For 170 to 250 pounds, get 140 to 144 cm boards and if you’re around 200 pounds or over that, then go for 144 cm boards.

Your riding style

Shorter boards take more energy to push through the water while longer ones move faster. That’s because the greater the surface area, the faster the board will move. However, shorter wakeboards are far easier to spin. You can also maneuver with much more ease in the air—if you fly or do a flip—than longer ones. They’ll be much harder on the landings, though. So decide on which one appeals more to your riding style. Try both so you’d get a solid feel which board proves much more comfortable for you.

Your level of ability

Some shapes actually work better for most beginners. So you might want to go for boards that match that description. However, you don’t have to stay away from advanced board shapes. Give both a try. Everyone’s experience is different and depending on your size, you might find the advanced boards better for you after all.

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