Shortage of IV Vitamin Supplements Caused by Celebrity Trend – See Intravenous Medical Supplies in Tyler, TX

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Online Business

The latest celebrity craze is being blamed for an alarming shortage of IV Vitamins, which has affected suppliers, like those who supply Intravenous Medical Supplies in Tyler TX. Hollywood stars, athletes, models, and celebrities are paying upwards of a thousand dollars for the vitamin IV drips. The drips are supposed to give the client a boost in energy levels that are depleted by a rigorous lifestyle. A-listers are the most frequent users, but they have become increasingly available in doctor offices. Patients will come in for an IV during lunch or after work. Dr. Marcia Harris, a practicing gynecologist in New York, says she’s seen a 33% higher demand for the procedure.

The concoction is even used to get over hangovers. Hangover Heaven, which is located Hollywood, reportedly has a bus load of vitamin IV drips for people to use after a night out drinking. However, the Washingtonian reports as the popularity sores, private clinics that provide this trend are having trouble keeping up with the high demand since they use the same manufacturer of IV ingredients that hospitals and medical practices use such as who bring IV treatments to patient homes.

Across the country, it has been noted that IV vitamins are very low in supply. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists reports that calcium an alarming shortage. And since there is no way to collect information into one system and prioritize where ingredients go there is no way to track the real reason it is in such low supply.

Even though it this trend is popular, there is no proof that it does anything for users. It isn’t FDA approved for use in the area they are requesting it. It’s believed that the ‘effects’ patients feel are a placebo effect. Intravenous Medical Supplies in Tyler TX, are suffering from a shortage of IV drips that are delivered to home medical patients.

Not everyone believes the latest fad is to blame for the shortage crisis. Dr. Sue Decotiis runs a medical office in New York. She thinks there could be a variety of reasons why there is a sudden shortage of this vital supplement mixture. Reasons could be a sudden increase in local demand, any distribution problems, or a decrease of production, not on services like Intravenous Medical Supplies. She believes if the demand for these IV drips continues to rise, then suppliers need to start considering an increase of production.

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