Signs it’s Time to Call a Plumber for Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia

Clogged drains are one of the most common issues to come up in residential plumbing systems. While there are chemical drain cleaners available on the market that can help with mild clogs, they’re not very effective at removing serious clogs. They can also cause damage to the plumbing system if they are used repeatedly. Read on to find out when it’s time for homeowners to throw in the towel and call a professional for Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia.

Consistently Slow Drains

There’s often more going on beneath the surface than a simple clog if drains are running slowly all the time, even after home treatments. These serious clogs often require specialized equipment such as drum augers to be resolved, so most homeowners find it’s best to reach out to a professional plumber. Exerting too much force on pipes can cause significant damage, making it unwise to resort to exceptional methods at home without consulting a professional.

Black Sludge

If there is unpleasant-smelling black sludge backing up in drains, it’s best to call a plumber immediately instead of messing around with ineffective DIY solutions. These kinds of clogs typically consist of skin cells, mucus, toothpaste, food waste, and bacteria and can be difficult to resolve. If these sticky substances have not yet accumulated along the pipe walls, it may be possible to remove the clog using a common household plunger, but most homeowners find they will require the help of a professional to permanently resolve the issue.

Gurgling Sounds

Any strange gurgling sounds coming from sinks or toilets should be considered a red flag. These sounds are produced when air bubbles contained within the clogs themselves travel up into the water, and they can be signs of serious trouble to come. For instance, clogs in sewer lines can wind up forcing sewer gas through the pipes, which can put any inhabitants’ health at risk.

Get Help Now

Anyone who has noticed these signs of a serious clog should call a plumber for Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia as soon as possible. Not sure where to turn for help?  for information about one local company that can be of assistance.

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