Signs Of A Top Utility Water Management Company

Installing submeters into private properties with multiple family dwellings or several units on the property, such as a manufactured home community, is beneficial to property owners and managers as well as tenants.

However, as with any type of technology and system, the benefits are largely a factor of the services offered by the utility water management company. Working with one of the best companies provides not only the quality of services, and support landlords expect, but it also creates a positive experience for tenants as well.

To know if you are working with one of the best utility water management companies, make sure they offer the following key services as part of their standard agreement.

In-House Installation Teams

Most utility water management companies outsource the actual installation of the smart meters. The best companies have their own in-house teams that are trained, experienced and have worked on projects together. This ensures quality installation as well as dramatically decreases the risk of meter problems or leaks once the job is completed.

Ability to Install to Schedule

For existing properties with tenants, having the utility management company install the smart water meters on the schedule is critical. Tenants can prepare for a day without water, but it can create problems for all involved if water is not turned on when it is promised.

Full Billing and Collection Services

As the water utility company takes over the billing and collection of payments from the tenant, it is essential to make sure they have experience and state-of-the-art technology to handle this aspect of the service. This also means taking credit, debit and echeck payments to meet the needs of tenants when paying their bill.

Reputation for Security

Online security is a concern for most people making payments over the internet. Make sure the utility management service uses a secure login and payment site and that the company has industry standard security protocols in place.

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