The Six Steps to Successful Recovery

Many people think of recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol as a singular experience, but it is actually more complex. Understanding the steps to recovery – and how to embrace each one – will help you or your loved once struggling with sobriety to overcome those issues and live a better, more fulfilling life.

Deciding to Make a Change

This is the hardest step for most addicts, so making the willful decision to make a change in your life for the better is a huge part of making sobriety happen. Remind yourself or your loved one daily of the many reasons to seek sobriety, and of how much better life will be once they’ve found it.

Exploring Options and Getting Help

Every person has treatment options. Whatever your age, gender, religion, financial status or other determining factors, there are programs designed to help you.

Gathering Support

Having a strong support system is a way to succeed in almost any venture you take. This is especially true of recovery. Having reliable, encouraging loved ones and professional support team members will help you make the right decisions and stay focused.

Making Sobriety Last

One of the best ways to continue living a sober life is to participate in follow-up or aftercare programs. Weekly meetings and community encouragement can do wonders for keeping a former addict on the right path moving forward.

Building a Meaningful Life After Addiction

Many former addicts must relearn their entire lives without their drugs or drinks. Encouragement and assistance during this time are crucial, as patients form a new sense of self and self-worth.

Continuing to Succeed

An ongoing attitude of success is important. Knowing that you’ve come a long way is important, but so is realizing you’ve still got further to go. Continue to proactively seek wellness and sobriety, and you or your loved one will live a better, healthier life every day.

Patients in the Sacramento area looking for help with recovery can consult the experts at New Dawn Treatment Centers for advice, guidance and encouragement during any phase of recovery. Whatever step you’re on in your journey toward sobriety and wellness, there is help for you. Contact your local treatment center today, and ask about services to help you keep moving forward.

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