Six Tips for Choosing the Right Shelter Cat

At Kamloops Veterinary Clinic, we love seeing the special bonds humans have with their cats. If you’re thinking about adopting one from a shelter, here are a few tips to choose the cat that’s right for you and your family.

Tip #1: Before you head to the shelter, sit down with your family and figure out what kind of cat you want. Are you looking for an indoor cat? A cat that needs a lot of attention? Or do you want a cat that’s sometimes affectionate but mostly does his own thing?

Tip #2: Think about how much time you can invest in your cat. If you don’t have a lot of time to play with a kitten or train him to use the litter box, you should consider adopting a mature cat that already knows the ropes.

Tip #3: If you have very young children at home, make sure you adopt a cat that is okay with kids. Your shelter should be able to point out the animals that would make a good match.

Tip #4: Before you interact with any cats, give the entire shelter the once-over. Look for a cat that seems interested in you, and ask to play with the ones that want to hang out. You may want to visit the shelter more than once, since your perfect cat might be sleeping through your first visit. Also, remember that some cats are cautious around new people, so you may need to give them a few minutes to warm up to you.

Tip #5: Pay attention to how a cat reacts when you try to pet him. Choose a cat that responds positively to your touch. If a cat hisses or tries to bite you, move on to the next option.

Tip #6: If a cat responds positively to petting, try picking him up. Some cats will tolerate being picked up. However, others may panic and try to claw at you. You have to decide what works for you. But, either way, you’ll want to know whether you can pick your cat up before you bring him home.

If you’re preparing to adopt a pet, you can call our staff at Kamloops Veterinary Clinic with any questions you may have.

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