Small Feature Matter In Finding A Quality Boat Dolly For Sale

Small Feature Matter In Finding A Quality Boat Dolly For Sale

A boat dolly is designed for temporary use to move boats around when out of the water. These relatively simple pieces of equipment are essential for boat repair services, marinas, boatyards and for boat sales services.

Choosing a boat dolly for sale is more about the practical elements and features on the equipment. Taking the time to compare options allows the buyer to find a dolly with the construction, design and the features to safely move boats without any cosmetic damage. Of course, they should also be designed for easy maneuverability, making easy work of moving the boat across even, packed surfaces.

Carrying Capacity

A big consideration in a boat dolly is the weight capacity or the carrying capacity of the dolly. As there are at least two dollies used per boat, with four or more on the larger sizes of boats, choosing heavier maximum weight capacity reduces the number of dollies that have to be used on the larger boats.

Design Options

The design of the dolly is another consideration. Some are adjustable to allow the dolly pads to be customized to fit the boat, which makes them very practical for showroom or boatyard use as they can be configured to multiple boat sizes and types.

Other boat dollies have a rigid structure or frame with the ability to adjust the pads to fit the boat. These are practical and easy to use, and an ideal option as the adjustment requirements is minimal.

Ideally, choose a boat dolly that uses the most durable materials. Steel tubing is a good choice as it will not bend or twist during use. The structural elements of the dolly galvanized or painted to avoid corrosion. Durable, locking casters and pads that protect the surface of the boat are other important design features to consider.

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