Smog Check on Vehicles Exhaust System

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Business & Economics

A test done on a motor vehicles exhaust system for determination of what types, and how many pollutants, emitting from that vehicle is called a smog check. This check makes sure other parts are in working order also in this vehicle by an assessment, mostly ones relating to emissions. Exhaust tests are required in most states, helping to address issues relating to clean air.

States Vary

There are some states that have a requirement of every year testing, while others have a program for biannual smog check, such as California. Majority of states have exemptions on some vehicles. For instance, vehicles less than 5 years or older than 30 are exempt in some states. There are some places which require a smog certificate prior to transferring a title, vehicles must pass smog test before sale.

There are emission limits in which each vehicle may not exceed in every state. A vehicles tailpipe has a device connected to it during testing, at which time the engine is ran in determination of emissions while revved up and in idle, measuring these against standards for that state for same type of vehicle. At this time, the muffler is also checked to be sure it works properly, along with pipes and hoses connected correctly, and if internal computer of the vehicle is in working order.

A Failed Smog Test

A failed smog test can occur due to limits exceeded on emission loads, an exhaust and muffler system maintained inadequately, or when the light “check engine” remains on. When this occurs, there must be repairs made to the vehicle and pass the test or it is unable to be driven legally. Majority of repairs which are necessary are not costly and are simple, and to be sure the vehicle is legal and safe; they are worth it. There are times when repairs may be costly. There are smog abatement programs available in some states, where if drives are able to prove repairs required for their car equals more than a certain amount, they can be exempt from requirements of testing.

A smog check should be performed regularly on vehicles, due to most states requiring it, and also because if emission standards are not met, it should have repairs done. Some states have an amount of 40% pollution just from personal vehicles, and emission reduction is a national effort that needs aid from responsible drivers. There are some reasons which may be the cause of a smog check failure which also make it unsafe, having immediate repairs may help to avoid an accident.

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