Speak with Auto Accident Lawyers in Taunton Before Settling with the Insurance

It is very important to speak with auto accident lawyers in Taunton shortly after an accident that resulted in injuries. Personal injury lawyers do not charge a fee for their services unless they obtain a settlement for the injured party.

It is not recommended to make any statements to an insurance company until after they have spoken with auto accident lawyers in Taunton. After speaking with an attorney, they can evaluate the case and the injuries that were received and determine an estimate of what the injuries may be compensated at. An attorney cannot and should not give an exact dollar amount to any client of what a settlement will be. A lawyer will concentrate on dealing with the insurance company while the injured party recovers from their injuries. After an initial car from the insurance company, they will continue to call regularly asking how the injured party is feeling. This is another tactic used by the insurance company to collect information.

Insurance companies have many very skilled attorneys and claim workers trying to save as much money as possible. They will try to use anything and everything against the injured individual in order not to pay on the claim. Something as simple as telling the insurance company that the injured party is feeling better could be used against them in the future. Don’t fall victim to the tactics of insurance companies to limit their payout. Contact The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel PC for a consultation about the accident. The law office will work with the injured party all the way a trial if necessary to obtain the largest settlement possible. It’s important to concentrate on getting better while an attorney takes care of the insurance company.

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