Special Touches for Meaningful Headstones in Connecticut

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Monument: Memorials

Creating a meaningful memorial is something nearly everyone will have to do for a loved one at some point. Even when people pre-plan their funerals and purchase headstones, caskets or urns and all of the other associated items, there are still decisions to be made. For family members, what to include on the headstone is difficult, because it is typically expected to be there for hundreds of years, possibly longer.

Headstones in Connecticut have many traditional things that almost every stone should include. Names, birth dates and the date of death are valuable information that are useful for genealogists in the future. Relationship roles the person had through are another popular addition. This includes listing if they were a parent, grandparent, sibling or any other relationship that was meaningful to them.

With the advances in technology, headstones also now incorporate photos into the memorial. Some people choose to have the image inscribed into the stone while others have an actual framed, and weather-protected photo attached to the marker itself. A Biblical phrase, meaningful piece of poetry or even a brief eulogy can be included.

Symbolism is popular too and has been for hundreds of years. An Alpha and Omega symbol, representing the beginning and the end, is a popular option. Angels and crosses are frequently seen, as are many other religious symbols that relate to the specific religion the person followed. Flowers and birds are both popular choices, with roses and doves as the most commonly seen.

In the 1800s and earlier, many headstones had what people would now consider morbid. This includes skulls and skeletons, symbols of the grim reaper and images of coffins. Headstones in Connecticut today are much more uplifting and positive, despite the loss the family and friends may feel. Shelley Brothers Monuments CT creates many for their clients that are designed to reflect hope. Either hope that the loved one has moved on to a better life, or at least, the appreciation of them being free from pain. Because this is such a personal choice, it takes time and expertise to create a headstone that matches how the family feels, but once it is done, the results will be appreciated for generations.

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