What You Stand to Save by Buying a Used Vehicle

What You Stand to Save by Buying a Used Vehicle

Most people consider buying a used car because of the substantial cash savings they can see. However, buying used cars doesn’t just provide monetary savings. Seeking out used cars for sale can also save you time, frustration and much more.

Side-Step Depreciation

Why are used cars within a few model years so much cheaper than brand new vehicles? Depreciation. This means that as soon as you drive a car off a lot – and for a year afterward – it quickly loses value. The average new car is almost $15,000 more expensive than a comparable used model, owing that price difference almost entirely to this factor. By buying used, you can be sure your investment won’t depreciate so quickly.

Information, Upfront

Knowing a car is reliable before you buy it is important. For most people, this need to know their car isn’t a lemon isn’t satisfied by a test drive and the details provided by a salesman. They want proof.

By looking for used cars for sale by a dealership – rather than a neighbor’s friend’s uncle, or other such unreliable source – you can request complete and detailed information about the car’s history. Has it been in any accidents? How was it cared for, by previous owners? Has any other work been done on the vehicle, and how was it used in its previous life? There are all things that single-person car salesmen might try to hide from potential buyers. With dealership sales, though, the law prohibits hiding such vital information, and guarantees customers the right to request and receive it. Ask, and understand exactly where your new-to-you car has been and how long it’s been on the road.

Tulsa area shoppers looking for the best in selection, price and customer service can look to certified used car dealers like Big 12 Auto Sales. With industry experience and excellent customer reviews, dealerships like these won’t take you for a ride – they’ll put you in the driver’s seat.

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